The plan!!!

In Matthew, Jesus tells us to GO and make disciples.  The word GO in the Greek means AS YOU ARE GOING!  We plan to, eventually, travel the world by sailboat and where ever we drop our anchor we will go ashore and help where ever we may be needed!

We have just begun on our journey that will have us living aboard a sailboat and traveling the world.  We are actually several years away but we have the beginnings of a plan!

Step one will be to sell everything in Colorado and then we will be moving to Kemah, TX where we will look for our live aboard boat!  We have chosen a catamaran between 40-45 feet long but that is all we know so far.

We will live aboard at the Waterford Harbor Marina for several years while our daughter finishes college and we stock the cruising kitty.  This seems simple, but to be honest it is kinda scary!

When the time is right we will cast off the dock lines and set sail for our adventure!  What will we be doing?  Whatever God needs us to do.  He is already at work everywhere we will be going.  We hope to contact some orphanages ahead of time and see what they need.  Maybe their needs will be taking the workers out for a few days to get refreshed and renewed, maybe the kids will want to swim or snorkel from the boat!  We will trust Him to guide us!


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